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Last Will and Testament

Our role as your Solicitors is to take a structured and considered approach to drafting a will which will be relevant to the predictable circumstances at the time of death and, in particular, predicts the needs of beneficiaries, particularly providing a structure for beneficiaries with disabilities. When we take your detailed instructions on drafting your will we will take into consideration proper tax and estate planning issues that may arise and advise you accordingly. We will also ensure that the Statutory Formalities for the making of the will are adhered to so there is no confusion as to what your wishes are.

Administration of deceased’s estate

After the loss of a loved one, there are many tasks that require attention and important decisions may have to be made with regard to the deceased’s property and personal belongings – for instance, should the house be sold? When a person dies, everything he/she owned except assets where ownership ceases on death or passes automatically is referred to as the deceased’s “estate”.

It is essential to identify from the outset any legal issues which may need to be dealt with. These are not always obvious and can result in a personal representative being held personally liable. We will advise you on the steps to be taken and will be in a position to deal with any underlying complexities.

Probate / Administration

Probate practice involves the rules of Court relating to applications for grants of representations and the information which must be contained in the relevant probate forms and documentation when making such applications.

There are various types of Grants of representation including:

  • Grant of Administration Intestate
  • Second or Subsequent Grant
  • Grant of Administration with will annexed
  • Special Grants
  • Limited Grants
  • Grant of Probate

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