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Though classified as “minor” offences in law, a breach of the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Acts can nevertheless result in a criminal conviction and the consequent potential imposition of both Visa and travel restrictions to other countries. By contrast, offences under the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act, 1997 are automatically considered by the courts to be indictable offences(i.e. serious) and may result in the enforcement of a custodial sentence.

From our experience representing people charged with either public order or assault-related offences, both are also the source of trepidation in both theirs and their family’s daily lives. However, in certain circumstances, the courts are open to the possibility of non-custodial sanctions, such as Community Service or a Probation Order. In some cases, it is possible to avoid a conviction entirely and though this possibility is dependent on several factors, the securing of a non-conviction for our clients is always our primary aim.


For many years we have acted for clients arrested on foot of European Arrest Warrants (EAW) and who have been brought before the High Court in Dublin. Extradition requests are based upon alleged breaches of domestic law in the country (Issuing State) which requests the EAW of a citizen resident in Ireland. Testing the nature of the evidence upon which an Extradition request has been formulated is therefore vital. Over the years we have developed a close working relationship with our legal colleagues from different jurisdictions, who, at our request, conduct investigations into the domestic law of the Issuing Authority, as well as the investigative steps pursued by that Authority in first seeking the issuance of a European Arrest Warrant. In a case from 2016, the investigative work carried out by our legal colleagues in Germany, led to that country revoking it’s original Extradition request of our client living in Ireland.


We have successfully defended an assortment of road traffic prosecutions, including Insurance, Tax, Careless Driving, Dangerous Driving and Hit and Run.

One of the most distressing experiences that any motorist can face is to find themselves arrested and prosecuted for a Drunk Driving offence. We are acutely conscious of the anxiety which a prosecution for drunken driving can bring, not only to the client, but also the client’s family. No other aspect of the criminal law has proven to be as contentious over the years as the defence of Drunk Driving prosecutions. Accordingly we have kept continuously abreast of the latest legal developments in this area of the law and have acquired a particular skill at successfully defending such prosecutions.

If you have already been disqualified from driving in the past, you may be entitled to apply to the courts to have your driver’s licence restored to you early i.e. before the disqualification period has fully elapsed. In that event, we can bring an application before the courts on your behalf should you wish to resume driving.


Offences under the various Misuse of Drugs Acts carry both the potential for a criminal conviction and a possible custodial sentence. We place a high premium in attempting to avoid the imposition of a custodial sentence entirely, but also the imposition of a criminal conviction for the possession of certain drugs in the first place. The avoidance of a criminal conviction is fundamental for people who either must obtain Garda Vetting clearance before entering the workplace here, or who envisage working abroad at some future point. A successful resolution of any drugs prosecution necessarily involves liaising with Agencies tasked with assisting people with overcoming certain addictions. Over the years we have worked hand-in-hand with the Probation and Welfare Services as well as multiple treatment centres around the country in securing favourable reports for the defence of our clients.

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