Gardaí in Cork have begun an investigation into attempted credit card fraud by a person handling queries from the public about filing local property tax (LPT) returns.

The person, suspended on Thursday, worked for a company contracted by the Revenue Commissioners to assist people filing the tax return.

Gardaí were notified by the company, Abtran, last week after management operating the LPT helpline for the Revenue Commissioners became aware an employee was asking people for credit card details. It is understood the employee was only with the company a few days but once Abtran management became aware of what he was doing, they notified the Garda and an investigation begun.

Abtran, in a statement last night, said: “The individual was not a member of a payments-authorised department within Abtran. The individual had no authority to request any such details of customers and should not have done so. Those actions, and the customers potentially impacted, have been identified.”

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