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Tim Barrow, Britain’s E.U. ambassador, delivered a letter from Theresa May to EU President Donald Tusk formally notifying Mr. Tusk of Britain’s intention to leave the European Union, by triggering Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, setting the clock ticking on a two-year negotiating period to end the U.K.’s 44 years of membership.

With this comes uncertainties and opportunities for Irish and UK companies looking to set up business in Ireland to maintain a close relationship with their European partners, suppliers and customers. At Phelan Solicitors we are adapting to these changes and providing advice and assistance according to your business needs.

Company Secretarial Services

At Phelan Solicitors we offer  a range of services one of which is the very important role of the Company Secretary.  The importance of this role is often overlooked by Boards/Members of companies but the 2014 Companies Acts places great emphasis on compliance, a duty falling predominately to the Company Secretary.

The functions of a secretary are essentially administrative and not managerial. For instance, a secretary commonly:

  1. provides comprehensive legal and administrative support and guidance to the board of directors;
  2. ensures that the board’s decisions and instructions are properly carried out and communicated;
  3. has responsibility to ensure that the company complies with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements;
  4. has responsibility for communication with the shareholders when required;
  5. acts as principal administration officer, liaising with staff, customers, suppliers, media and the board of directors;
  6. executes important documentation on behalf of the company, together with a director.
  7. It is also common for the secretary to undertake the following specific duties: (a) Maintaining the statutory registers and minute books. The secretary keeps up to date the various statutory registers which are required to be maintained by the company under the Companies Act 2014. They are as follows: register of members • register of directors and secretaries • register of directors’ and secretaries’ interests in shares and debentures • register of the instruments which create charges.

Non-Executive Director Services

Regardless of the size of the company, a Non-Executive Director is someone who brings scope to the board, by offering a broad perspective of company and business issues, from someone who is independent from the day-to-day running of the company. Think of the Non-Executive Director as the eyes and ears of the business. The Non-Executive Director brings objective criticism to the company.

A Non-Executive Director adds value to the company by providing input and advice that is expert, independent, and external, to more fully protect the interests of the shareholders. Prime candidates for a Non-Executive Director position have a wide range of experience, have personalities that mix constructively with the rest of the board, and are business professionals. For more information and to apply contact us.

Hugh Phelan Notary Public

Hugh Phelan has been appointed and constituted a Notary Public by the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court. He is a public officer constituted by law to serve the public in non-contentious matters usually concerned with foreign or international business. This is of great assistance to foreign clients setting up in Ireland.

For more information please see the Notary Public page.

Company Setup in Ireland

We offer assistance in setting your business up in Ireland which includes:


Company Formation – Board Structure.


Registered Office Address.


Legislation Advice according to your company’s area of business.


Independent external tax advise on structure and other taxation issues.


Company Secretarial.


Non-Executive Director Service to select Companies.


Company Secretarial Services.

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