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Business Transactions


Whether your business is operating as a sole trader, partnership or company all businesses must deal with ever-increasing legislation and regulatory requirements. Where these are not met, there is now a trend by both the Regulators and those who have suffered losses to act against the directors of the company or business entity.

At Phelan Solicitors, we believe prevention is the best policy. Drawing on the expertise that a nationwide law firm can offer, we advise not only on the current challenges to your business; but also on future issues that are likely to affect it.

Effective business legal advice can make a significant contribution to the performance of your business.

We advise all businesses from small start-ups to larger more established companies.

From time to time businesses have disputes with their customers, suppliers, banks or advisers. We specialise in resolving commercial disputes, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation. And if that dispute turns to litigation, we have the expertise to follow it all the way through.

We help business people across Ireland and Europe providing legal representation on a variety of areas that are likely to impact their business including:

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